Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date and DLSS Feature

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    The features and release date of the anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 have been revealed. The Nintendo Switch's flexible design has won it a large fan base, both as a portable game console and as a system that can be connected to a TV. Since its launch in 2017, users have been eagerly awaiting a new model.

    Nintendo has indicated that it is close to the announcement of its successor and is now sharing the technical details and release date of the Nintendo Switch 2. The first leaks come from Famiboards, a popular Nintendo forum, and claim that a user has been reviewing shipment and customs data between Nintendo, NVIDIA and other companies.

    According to these leaks, the Nintendo Switch 2 will have 12 GB of RAM and will consist of two 6 GB modules. The type of memory, LPDDR5 or LPDDR5X, is not yet clear, but this will offer a significant improvement compared to the current Switch. Switch 2 will also be equipped with 256GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage, a major upgrade in terms of storage. The new console is said to maintain backwards compatibility with first-generation Switch games for both physical and digital games.

    However, Nintendo Switch 2 will allegedly offer a new cartridge format, but compatibility issues are not expected. Furthermore, the new console's dock is expected to support 4K resolution output over USB-C and even support DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). Switch 2 is expected to use Nvidia chips will continue and there will be no switch to AMD.

    Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to be released in March 2025.

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