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This platform serves as a sharing space, and no files are hosted directly on the server. Therefore, server owners cannot be held responsible for copyright infringements, subject to legal action, or accused of any wrongdoing. The company providing this service is not liable for the intended use. The software archive, individual installation files, and other files within the platform may contain illegal materials, and all responsibility for their use rests with the user. The primary purpose of those sharing on this platform is to provide both paid and free programs that may be useful to home users. If you have tried and liked any software, especially if it is paid, it is recommended to purchase the original licenses. Downloading files from this site is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for EMPLOYEES and BUSINESS OWNERS.

In this context, the management has no obligation to control the content. The platform operates as a social network sharing space, open to memberships and contributions. For any issues related to the content you download, including usage or installation problems, it is essential to seek support from the respective software producer. The installation, usage, or execution of downloaded files is entirely the user's responsibility. You cannot hold this site responsible for any situations that may arise.

Legal and illegal issues related to licenses, system errors that may occur are entirely the result of user error, and all obligations belong to the person using the installation file. Anyone who downloads the installation file is deemed to have ACCEPTED THIS AGREEMENT AND/OR ACKNOWLEDGED THAT SITE ADMINISTRATORS AND/OR THOSE WHO PREPARE INSTALLATION FILES AND SHARE THEM HAVE NO LIABILITY.

All content is for promotional purposes, and we recommend purchasing products you like directly from the manufacturer. Membership information within the site is entirely confidential; however, this does not imply the ability to engage in illegal activities or harassment. In such cases, information may be shared with official authorities.

If you do not accept the above, we redirect you to Google sites, and we recommend leaving this platform. This agreement has not undergone any legalization process, and any issues or errors that may arise are presumed to be the responsibility of those visiting, downloading, and installing on our site.


Our site aims to be respectful of the law, regulations, copyright, and personal rights. According to the relevant law, the site management is not obliged to control illegal content. Therefore, our site has adopted the 'notice and takedown' principle. If you believe that content infringes copyright, please contact the rightful owners at info[@]

Owners of copyright or professional organizations who believe that works subject to copyright are being shared illegally can contact us at info[@] or HERE. Submitted requests and complaints will be examined by our Legal Advisor, and if a violation is deemed to have occurred, the content in question will be removed from our site. In addition, in the event of a court request, technical data necessary for identifying users producing illegal content will also be provided.