Introducing a New Gaming Experience to Windows 11: AI-Powered Graphics Enhancement

  • Introducing a New Gaming Experience to Windows 11: AI-Powered Graphics Enhancement

    Microsoft is introducing a new AI-powered feature to Windows 11, which bears a striking resemblance to NVIDIA's DLSS technology. So, what does this innovation offer to users?

    With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, tech giants have increasingly integrated AI into their products and services. Most recently, we witnessed this with Samsung's "Galaxy AI" technology. Following suit, Microsoft is actively working on AI-driven enhancements, particularly for Windows 11.

    The latest addition to Windows 11's test version is called "Automatic Super Resolution," which closely mirrors DLSS in its functionality. But what exactly can users expect from this feature?

    "Automatic Super Resolution" will be incorporated into the Display Settings.

    This feature will utilize artificial intelligence to enhance the details and increase the resolution of supported games. However, Microsoft has yet to provide detailed information about this feature. Therefore, specifics regarding which games will support it and what exactly it will offer remain uncertain. Additionally, the hardware requirements to utilize this feature have not been clearly defined.

    Furthermore, another visual enhancement is being introduced to Windows 11. Dubbed "Enhanced Color Management," this feature will be particularly significant for HDR-supported OLED displays. Through this feature, monitor owners will be able to create custom color profiles for sRGB and DCI-P3, with automatic management of these profiles. However, to truly gauge the impact of this feature, we'll have to wait for its release and subsequent testing.

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