Android 15 Developer Preview Officially Released: What to Expect?

  • Android 15 Developer Preview Officially Released: What to Expect?

    Google has officially released the first developer preview of Android 15. While primarily targeted towards developers, this preview provides some hints about what we can expect from the new version.

    Today, Google has officially announced the first developer preview of Android 15. While this preview is mainly geared towards developers rather than end-users, it does offer some insights into what the new release will bring.

    Google has provided some indications of what we can expect with Android 15. Additionally, information about the release schedule for the new version has been shared. You can access the preview from here: Login or Register to see the download link.

    Android 15 will come with a focus on security, continuing Google's efforts in this area. It will include the latest version of Privacy Sandbox, aimed at protecting users' privacy online and replacing third-party cookies. Moreover, there will be additional protections against malware that stealthily access application files.

    However, it's not just about security enhancements. Google has shared some other improvements as well. With Android 15, third-party applications, particularly popular ones like Instagram, will see improvements in the camera experience. This will allow apps to access advanced camera features such as low-light enhancements. It's worth noting that Samsung has also been working on similar enhancements recently.

    Furthermore, partial screen sharing support introduced in Android 14 QPR2 will also be present in Android 15. This feature allows you to hide notifications and other unwanted content while recording or sharing your screen, enabling you to capture only a specific app rather than the entire device screen.

    For now, these are the features we know about in Android 15. As more features are revealed, we will continue to share them with you.

    When will Android 15 be available?

    According to Google's announcement, beta versions of Android 15 will start rolling out around April. Therefore, we can expect to see more detailed information around that time. Looking at the schedule, the new version is expected to be officially released in the fall. Android 15 will likely coincide with the launch of Google's next-generation Pixel phones. We saw Android 14 arrive in October last year, so we may anticipate a similar timeframe.

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