What is Microsoft Copilot?

  • What is Microsoft Copilot?

    Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered chatbot that provides solutions to users on various topics. Microsoft assists users with Copilot, which is used in Windows 11, Office programs, and Edge browser. Let's provide information about what Copilot is and how it is used.

    What is Microsoft Copilot? Microsoft Copilot is an AI-based assistant used in Microsoft's operating systems and programs. When called in different applications, Copilot performs various tasks. For example, when used in a web browser, it behaves similarly to ChatGPT and can summarize pages or perform specific tasks.

    How to Use Microsoft Copilot? To use Copilot, it needs to be called in a specific application. In Windows 11, it can be initiated by pressing Win + C keys or by clicking on the Copilot icon next to the Search box. In the Microsoft Edge browser, it can be opened by pressing Ctrl + Shift + period (.) keys. In Office programs, it opens automatically or can be accessed by clicking on the Copilot icon in the General tab.

    Copilot can respond to users' written or verbal questions and perform various tasks. It can conduct research, provide references, support the DALL-E 3 image generator, and create creative drawings. Additionally, it can draft documents, write formulas, prepare slides, and code in Office programs.

    In conclusion, Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that helps users perform various tasks, making it a useful tool especially for Windows 11 and Office users.

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