• Days Gone PC Review

    Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5


    - The PC port runs quite smoothly
    - Riding the motorcycle is quite enjoyable
    - Stunning landscapes to behold
    - Character animations and close combat are excellent


    - The map could be more explanatory
    - Main and side missions can be confusing
    - The story feels somewhat diluted
    In our Days Gone PC review, we evaluate the performance of the game on the PC platform, originally released as a PS4 exclusive. We'll take a look at the PC version of the game and discuss whether it's worth purchasing and playing Days - Gone in 2024. This review aims to highlight the differences for those who have played the console version and provide insights for new PC players.

    Days Gone PC Review: A Story of Sacrifice and Deviation

    The game's story begins during the outbreak of a virus, focusing on a small group of survivors. Our main character struggles to survive in a world devastated by the outbreak, following a traumatic event involving his spouse. The opening sequence is quite impressive and effectively sets the atmosphere of the game.

    However, as the story progresses, certain inconsistencies and a non-linear progression become apparent. The development of characters and events can be vague at times, making it difficult for players to fully grasp the flow of the story. There's also a degree of confusion between main and side missions, making it challenging for players to determine their objectives.

    Compensating for Inconsistencies with Gameplay Brilliance

    Despite some challenges with the story, the gameplay mechanics of the game are quite solid. Character animations, close combat, and ranged weapon usage are all satisfying. Additionally, the skill tree system allows for personalization of the experience, allowing players to tailor their upgrades to their playstyle.

    The dynamics of motorcycle riding are one of the game's strongest aspects. Exploring the open world on a motorcycle is highly enjoyable and complements the game's atmosphere. Details such as motorcycle maintenance and fuel management add depth to the gameplay.

    Stunning Landscapes, Better Than Expected PC Port

    The graphics, textures, and effects meet contemporary standards quite well. The PC port provides a smooth and seamless experience. Turkish language support is a welcome addition for players. Furthermore, the diversity of climates and landscapes across different regions enhances the game's variety.


    Days Gone performs better than expected on the PC platform. While there are some shortcomings in the storytelling, the gameplay mechanics and atmosphere are commendable. Graphics and the PC port are satisfactory. If you're a fan of open-world exploration and zombie-themed action games, Days Gone is worth considering.

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