New features coming to Instagram 2024

  • New features of Instagram

    Among the most frequently used social media platforms, Instagram is gearing up to introduce innovations to maintain its popularity in 2024.

    In this article, we'll discuss Instagram's new features and upcoming updates for the year 2024.

    1- Nearby Stories

    Expected to be introduced on Instagram in 2024 is the feature of "Nearby Stories," similar to what is seen on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. With this feature, users will be able to view the stories of other users and businesses in their vicinity. This feature will enable users to discover new businesses and socialize. Additionally, this update will allow local businesses to reach their target audiences quickly and effectively.

    2- Review Request

    The review request prompt, already in use in Turkey, aims to prevent potential scams and bot attacks. Accounts that send too many follow requests and direct messages are perceived as potential spam. With an automatic filtering system, the review advice encourages users to carefully evaluate incoming follow and message requests. Unapproved requests will be deleted within 30 days, aiming to prevent spam-containing and mass-sent messages.

    3- Quiet Mode

    The quiet mode feature will allow users to turn off Instagram notifications and block their visibility. With this innovation, users can continue their Instagram experience without being disturbed. Other users will be able to see that a user is in quiet mode. Those who wish to use quiet mode, or as it is also known, silent mode, can adjust this setting from the Instagram account settings. Users who do not want to remain entirely in silent mode can use the feature to stay in quiet mode during specific time intervals. To use this feature, users can navigate to the notification settings in the app's settings section and select quiet mode.

    4- My Week with Weekly Stories

    One of Instagram's most beloved features is the Stories, which disappear within 24 hours. It is expected that a new version of this feature will be introduced to users in 2024, called "My Week." With this feature, users will be able to plan and edit stories that will be available for one week. Currently in the testing phase, it is yet unknown when this feature will be available to all users.

    5- Enjoyable Content Creation Enhancements

    In 2024, Instagram will continue to introduce innovations aimed at allowing content creators to express their creativity and reach their target audience. Expected significant updates include:

    • Adding voice clips to video snippets
    • New tools for undoing and redoing clips while editing videos
    • New and updated text fonts
    • Sticker creation from photos
    • New photo filters
    • More detailed analytics such as replay rates and audience retention
    • 6- Close Friends Post
    • Instagram has allowed sharing stories exclusively with designated close friends since 2018. Now, this feature has been extended to posts, enabling users to share posts that only their close friends can see. Posts shared exclusively with close friends feature a green star icon. To use this feature, simply select close friends as the target audience when sharing a post.

    7- New Sticker Designs

    Selfie stickers allow users to add themselves as a sticker to photos or stories, enhancing their uniqueness. Users can not only add their own stickers but also add other stickers they have prepared. This sticker feature, which has been tested for a long time, is expected to be widely used soon.

    8- Follow Reason

    Instagram users will now have to specify why they want to follow someone when sending a follow request. Instagram is working on an important change regarding follow requests.

    According to the shared posts of Italian developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram users will now have to specify why they want to follow someone when sending follow requests.

    This new feature will allow users to get to know each other better and understand the reason for following. Such changes aim to improve user experience and provide a safe environment on social media platforms.

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