WarUniverse Hyperion-J Design

  • Hyperion-J is the rarest ship in WarUniverse. Has not been available for purchase since 2019. However, it can be won at auction every 15th of the month at 18:00 UTC+0, it can only be bit with PLT or in WarUniverse giveaways.

    Design adds a passive ability to the ship that increases the reward for destroying NPCs and enemy faction ships by 15%. Furthermore, the amount of WLX-4 that can be obtained from Ultra NPCs and Quattroid is doubled.

    Price Unknown
    Hitpoints 296.000
    Speed 300
    Laser Slots 16
    Generator Slots 16
    Extensions Slots 5
    Cargo 3000

    Ship abilities

    • 15% more reward from aliens & players kills
    • Double WLX-4 ammo from aliens (from ultra forms and Quattroid)


    • Auction (Auction on the 15th of each month)
    • Giveaways

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