What is WarUniverse Platinum Bank?

  • What is WarUniverse Platinum Bank?

    Platinum bank is a bank that you can constantly buy for 315 Gold on WarUniverse. Some of the PLT you earn from killing NPCs in the game is transferred to your plt bank. Once your PLT bank is full, you can purchase it for 315 Gold.

    • You can accumulate up to 1,000,000 platinum and own it for only 315 Gold - and this is just the first time!
    • After the first successful platinum withdrawal, your accumulation possibilities will change: a fixed limit of 50,000 platinum will be set.
    • You pay 315 Gold for any platinum transaction up to 50,000 platinum (e.g. you have 10,000 PLT in your platinum bank, you pay 315 Gold for that 10,000 PLT).
    • The PLT reward from the aliens you destroy accumulates in the platinum bank.

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