• Valorant PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA Error Solution

    This error is usually caused by Vanguard software. No matter how many times you format your computer, you usually cannot get rid of this error. You may constantly encounter the PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA blue screen error while playing or entering the game. I will tell you my own experiences while solving this problem.

    There are multiple solution suggestions on the internet for this problem, but sometimes these suggestions do not work. Still, I will share these suggestions with you, maybe these suggestions can be the solution for your problems.:)

    1- You need to uninstall Vanguard and reinstall it.

    To uninstall Vanguard, let's type 'Control Panel' in the Windows search section. Then proceed with the 'Programs > Uninstall a program' options. There will be 'Riot Vanguard' on the relevant page, remove it, when you try to enter Valorant again after removing it, Vanguard will download itself again.

    2- Graphics card updates

    Update methods vary depending on the brand of your graphics card. Currently, there are two well-known and most used brands in the market. I share with you the automatic update addresses for both of them;

    1- Login or Register to see the download link.

    2- Login or Register to see the download link.

    3- Hardware control

    Unfortunately, if the problems you experience continue even after performing the above steps, it may be due to your hardware. If you are using a desktop computer; You should replace your RAM or Disks and test with alternative hardware. If you are confident in your hardware or have just purchased the computer, I have one last solution suggestion.

    4- OS

    I recommend that you change the USB device you used when setting up your computer and install Windows with a new USB device. Sometimes, when installing Windows with old and outdated USB devices, an incomplete installation may occur. This happened to me personally, and I solved the problem by changing the USB device. If you are installing Windows 11, I recommend that you install Windows 10 with the new USB and try it. There are currently a lot of bugs/errors for Windows 11, which may be causing problems.

    If you have tried all the solutions and the problem is not solved, you need to wait for a new patch by Riot. With the new patch, this problem will be completely solved. If you are experiencing such problems, I am waiting for your comments below, let's solve the problem together. :)

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