WarUniverse Diroid Designs

  • We will talk about the diroid designs available in the WarUniverse game with you. I will tell you about the 'Drone, Droit, Droid' designs as other players call them. There are currently 3 diroid designs in the WarUniverse game, some of them can be purchased with PLT (money for the game), while others can be obtained through the galaxy gate or by doing missions.

    The descriptions in our topic are currently in the current state of the game. In the future, this will be updated if the methods of obtaining diroid designs change. However, you can take the information on this subject as current at the moment.

    Just click on the name of the design you want to get information about;

    DCD - Damage diroid design
    DCS - Shield diroid design
    DCH - Impact score diroid design


  • DCD Damage-oriented diroid design.

    Method of acquisition;

    • First - Protoss gate - 1 piece (100% probability of falling)
    • First - Zeta door - 1 piece (100% drop probability)
    • First - East gate - 1 piece (100% probability of falling)
    • First - Kratos door - 1 piece (100% chance of falling)

    (You can have up to 4 DCD. 1 from each star mission when completed for the first time).


    Individual Drone

    • Gives +5% to damage for guns on the drone (only increases the damage of laser guns in the drone with DCD)

    Full Set

    • Currently it is impossible to have a full set unless there is a special event.
  • DCS is a damage-oriented diroid design.

    DCS is a diroid design that increases the power of shield generators in diroids.

    Method of acquisition;

    • Level 11 - Reaper
    • Level 14 - Code Blue
    • Level 15 - Hyperbolization
    • Level 16 - Radioactive Adventures
    • Level 17 - Blade Runner
    • Level 18 - Hammer and Sickle
    • Level 19 - Hyperbolization II
    • Level 20 - Ultrabolization

    (Each task provides a DCS cover)


    Individual characteristic

    • Gives +10% to the shield for shield generators on the diroid (only for those mounted on the diroid with DCS)

    Full Set

    • Provides an additional 10% shielding to the equipped shield generators on the Diroits.

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