Changing WordPress Admin Password

  • How Can We Change WordPress Admin Password?

    When you forget your WordPress admin password, you can reset your password using multiple methods. Generally, the simplest method is to reset via phpMyAdmin, but some users do not use the phpMyAdmin method to avoid making mistakes. To avoid this problem, you should save your password in a reliable place. Sometimes our passwords can be deleted if we save them. Let's see together what we can do in this situation.

    Learning hosting control panel

    You need to know which control panel you are purchasing from the company you purchase hosting service from. What is the control panel of the company you receive service from? If you don't know, we can find out with a few methods. First of all, let's try to access the search section at the top of our browser by searching one by one as I give in the example below; - cPanel - Plesk Panel - CyberPanel - DirectAdmin

    Generally, all companies use the above panels. If you are using VDS Service, you can learn about the panel installed on your server from the company you receive service from. Let's say, for your cPanel control panel, you can access it as your When you access this page, the system will ask for your username and password. You need to enter this information, if you have no idea about this information, you need to get support from the company you receive service from.

    1- Resetting password with phpMyAdmin

    Let's assume we are using cPanel and accessing the cPanel control panel. Then, let's access it by typing 'phpMyAdmin' in the search section at the top left.

    Next, let's select our database table. Generally, tables start with wp_, find this table. After finding it, type 'users' in the search field, then press the result.

    Make a selection by pressing the 'edit' button on the left. Afterwards, choose a new password, fill in the options as shown in the image below and press the 'go' button at the bottom.

    That's it, you can reset your WordPress admin password with a simple method using phpMyAdmin.

    2- Resetting password with file manager

    If the company you receive service from does not give you phpMyAdmin access, it is not a problem. You can reset the password with the FTP (FileZilla) program or with the 'File manager' on the home page of the control panel you use. For this, I will share a php file with you. When you open this file on the internet address, the admin user's password will be automatically reset.

    However, we need to edit this file before uploading it. The codes below contain '// Düzenlemeniz gereken kısımlar;' Edit the section

    // Düzenlemeniz gereken kısımlar;
    $newusername = 'admin'; // UserName
    $newpassword = ''; // Pass
    $newemail = '[email protected]'; // Mail Adress

    You can then reset your password by logging in to (Login or Register to see the download link.). However, adminhesabiwp.php is an example I gave, you can use the code I sent you. You can upload it with any name you want, with PHP extension.

    The file I shared has the 'zip' extension. The file you need to upload to the file manager is the php file inside.

    Click to download; Login or Register to see the download link.

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