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    What is Rufus? What does it do? How to Download?

    What is Rufus?

    Rufus is a free and open source software that allows computer users to make USB drivers bootable. Developed by Pete Batard, this software is mainly used for operations such as creating operating system installation media, system repair, and low-level disc formatting. Rufus is characterised by its fast and reliable performance and is preferred by a wide range of users.

    What Does Rufus Do?

    The main uses of Rufus are as follows:

    1. Creating a Bootable USB Drive: Bootable drives can be created to install Windows, Linux and other operating systems via USB.
    2. System Repair: When a problem occurs with your computer's system files, you can repair the system using a bootable USB drive created with Rufus.
    3. Disc Formatting: Rufus can be used to format USB drives quickly and reliably.
    4. Burning ISO Files: Rufus makes ISO files ready for use by burning them directly to USB drives.

    How to Download Rufus?

    Downloading Rufus is quite simple and you can click the download button as a member of our site.

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