WarUniverse Level EXP Points

  • Entry Points to WarUniverse Levels and Maps

    - Every new player starts from level 1.

    - There is no discount on level exp points.

    - Beginners cannot fight with higher levels.

    - All maps are unlocked at level 17.

    Level PointsExperience pointsIntroduction to Maps
    Level 01-(MAP) X-1 (your own company)
    Level 0210.000 Exp(MAP) X-2 (your own company)
    Level 0320.000 Exp-
    Level 0440.000 Exp(MAP) X-3 (your own company)
    Level 0580.000 Exp-
    Level 06160.000 Exp(MAP) X-3 ve J-XX
    Level 07320.000 Exp-
    Level 08640.000 Exp-
    Level 091.280.000 Exp(MAP) T-1
    Level 102.560.000 Exp(MAP) X-5 (your own company)
    Level 115.120.000 Exp(MAP) G-1
    Level 1210.240.000 Exp(MAP) X-6 (your own company) / X-2 (enemy company)
    Level 1320.480.000 Exp(MAP) X-7 (your own company) / X-5 (enemy company)
    Level 1440.960.000 Exp-
    Level 1580.192.000 Exp(MAP) X-6 (enemy company)
    Level 16160.384.000 Exp(MAP) X-1 (enemy company)
    Level 17320.768.000 Exp(HARİTA) X-7 (enemy company)
    Level 18641.536.000 Exp-
    Level Exp-
    Level 202.566.144.000 Exp-
    Level Exp-
    Level 2210.264.576.000 Exp-
    Level 2320.529.152.000 Exp-
    Level 2441.058.304.000 Exp-

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